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From your product descriptions to your emails, your company's words all tell a story. What story does your writing tell?


Through my work and studies in storytelling, I learned how to engage audiences and turn them into customers.  Let me create new customers for you by crafting a singular and cohesive story for your business.

Proofreading and Editing
Social Media Management
Writing Your Brand's Voice




My clientele includes Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy nominees. I wrote feature films that played in theaters nationwide. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in filmmaking with a focus on writing for the screen.

As a brand ambassador, I represented Microsoft, Genentech, Frito-Lay and more. I pitched products at live events including Major League Soccer games and the Electronic Entertainment Expo. For two years I worked at IMAX in their virtual reality department, where I sold VR experiences to consumers.


My various roles taught me how to effectively communicate an impactful vision. It all goes back to telling an engaging story about your brand.





“For fifteen years, Jon’s been my go-to guy for content writing of all kinds. He is open-minded, easy to work with, and produces effective results.”
Rhyan LaMarr, Director of Canal Street and Restored Me


"Throughout his many roles at ToyBuilder Labs, Jon always proved himself adept at working independently. Having him onboard gave me more time to focus on growing our company. Jon’s catalogue of applicable skills made him a human swiss army knife of solutions.”
Taj Chiu, CEO of ToyBuilder Labs


"Jonathan's humor, creativity, and energy are infectious. His work represents his deep desire to entertain and provoke. His talents are many, and I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate with Jon. He makes those around him better."
Jerry Prochazka, HR Chief of 




Stars Giovanni Watson and Malik Yoba with Writer/Story Producer Jon Knitter on the set of Restored Me.


Feature Film Canal Street (2019)
Client: Red Guerrilla Entertainment
Story Producer/Script Supervisor/Screenwriter
Feature Film Restored Me (2016)
Client: Masters Media Group
Instructional Videos
Client: ToyBuilder Labs
Music Videos for Wayne Brady
Client: Brady Entertainment
Music videos for All-4-One and Blakfas
Client: Peak/Concord Records

My Words

Are Yours

Treatment for Las Vegas Stage Show MTV's Poreotics Live

In recent years alternative dance has exploded in popularity, but still it's yet to have a definitive live stage experience in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world. Right now, Poreotics will correct that situation.


They won television's "America's Best Dance Crew", and Poreotics WILL rule Vegas too! How? Like they always have: by being the best. The best at combining popping, choreography, and robotics, at mixing fantastic illusions with live dancing, at integrating crazy props, the freshest fashions, and imaginative set design with unparalleled God-given dancing skills, and not only the best but the FIRST dance crew to tell a story triggering the full spectrum of emotions in one cinematic Broadway explosion!


And make no mistake, they will hit EVERY emotional note. This is no simple tale, but a live graphic novel told through pull-no-punches body poetry. At turns outrageous, dramatic, terrifying, soul-stirring, inspiring, and thought-provoking, but always thrilling and with their trademark brand of cartoonish humor in abundance, Poreotics races the crowd to every extreme in their ride-it-til-the-wheels-fall-off Vegas debut!


We're talking "Wow!" and “How'd they do that?!" moments put to a beat. Imagine the guys in cutting-edge artistic motion while jumping, flying, disappearing and reappearing, gliding across the entire stage, and walking up the walls! Watching this show, you will know the impossible is possible.


There Vegas was, minding its own business. The pretty lights flashing. The tourists walking the streets. And the usual Vegas shows doing their usual routines. Suddenly a sound of thunder rumbled in the distance. Storm clouds crept over the horizon. The skies went dark. The people looked around nervously, fearfully. Then, the music started pumping. And six long shadows draped over the strip. Las Vegas, meet your new blockbuster: POREOTICS LIVE.


Spec TV Commercial for Dick's Sporting Goods


A scoreboard at a professional baseball game reads “HOME: 5, AWAY: 5, INNING: 9”.


A PITCHER stands on the mound in his boxers. Behind his back, his hand grips a rock.


A BATTER stands at the plate in his boxers, holding a tree branch.

The CATCHER yells something through the colander taped to his face.  He pounds his oven mitt with his fist.


The pitcher winds up, throws the rock. The batter swings, hits it into the clouds. He takes off!


An OUTFIELDER dashes, removes the pot from atop his head, jumps and reaches over the back wall with the pot. The crowd scrambles on the stadium floor to retrieve the rock.


The Batter runs triumphantly around the diamond, his sandal-wearing foot hitting first base: a phone book, second: a garbage can lid, third: a birthday cake (smoosh!), and finally home: an old tire.  The team, all wearing underwear, spills onto the field!


Everyone rejoices except...

The TEAM MASCOT, a googly-eyed giant baseball, remains on the bench amidst the manic celebration, watching the nonsense unfold, scratching his head in confusion.



Narration for R & B Bed & Breakfast Tour Video


Welcome to New Orleans, courtesy of the R & B Bed and Breakfast! Our prime location offers an ideal cocktail of fun and relaxation in our famously vibrant town. You’re right in the party, and close enough to rest when you need it.


We’re in the heart of the famous Frenchmen Street, across from the eclectic Washington Square Park, and just half a block from landmarks like world-famous jazz club the Spotted Cat, reggae hotspot Cafe Negril, blues and booze at DBA music clubs, the Shug Harbor coffeehouse, and scores of New Orleans restaurants. The French Market is a short walk, and the streetcar’s right nearby. And at four blocks from the lively Bourbon Street and French Quarter, you can go wild - or come right back for a peaceful nap.


The R & B’s history begins with the complete renovation of our 145-year-old building. Today, 4500 square feet of antique flavor meets all your needs of modern comfort. Feel our city’s legacy throughout our decor while enjoying our five spacious rooms, king and queen-sized beds, quality linens, central AC, en-suite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and free street parking. And for our finest experience, we present our Mardi Gras Jr. Suite - including your own private balcony and jacuzzi.


We’ll treat you to a round of drinks at Cafe Negril and the Spotted Cat, and free breakfast. Taxes are included, and there’s no resort fees or surprises at the end of your stay. Just enjoy.


You’re coming to New Orleans for a rousing good time and a break from the norm. There’s no better place to recharge for your next night out than the R & B Bed and Breakfast.


Spec Commercial for Lipton's "Be More Tea" Campaign


A giant pair of nailpolished fingers runs down the street, leaping over obstacles as if they’re hurdles. CAMERA PULLS BACK to reveal...




...the fingers are actually normal-sized and belong to SARA (26), who runs them along the window as the trolley drives, pretending they’re racing down the street. The STUFFY GUY beside her makes a face: “You’re crazy”. She cowers, embarrassed. The trolley stops.


BRIAN (26) on the opposite side of the aisle, however, sees what she’s doing. He smiles at her, puts his fingers up to his window.




On the opposite sidewalk, a giant pair of man fingers jogs in place.




She smiles back, puts her fingers back up by the window.




The giant nailpolished fingers reappear on the street, jogging in place. The trolley takes off. Both pairs of giant fingers dash down the street leaping over obstacles. They run and bound over parked cars, fire hydrants, pedestrians, bushes, and all else in their way. It’s a hotly-contested sprint through the city, neck-and-neck! The train stops. The giant fingers pause. End of the race: a cafe.




Brian nods toward the exit. Sara quickly squeezes past the stuffy guy and hurries with Brian out the door.




Sitting at the table, Brian and Sara remove their coats, get comfortable...and are surprised to find each other’s fingers touching. They’re both reaching for the Lipton’s tea in the condiment holder at the center of the table.


They smile, make their tea, and enjoy their conversation.


TITLE CARD: “Lipton’s. Be more tea.”


Press Release for Reality Show Bass Gabrielle's The Bottom Line


Entrepreneur/actor/fitness expert inspires with his unshakable determination to succeed


September 24, 2010 – Self-made man Bass Gabrielle chronicles the next chapter of his astonishing success as he leaves his Australian homeland for the challenge of conquering the American entertainment market with both his acting skills and formidable business prowess.


He may be new to Hollywood, but he's certainly no rookie when it comes to earning what he wants. Follow Bass as he works with the exclusive bigshots of the entertainment industry and adapts to business the "Hollywood way". Whether he's in front of the camera for his latest action movie or behind a desk negotiating deals for his many endeavors, everyone in his entourage will learn that Bass is a rare kind of leader: cooperative, motivational, and above all else, a man in charge of his own destiny.


As an in-demand physique model, global fitness consultant, and founder of the popular "Superman Workout" program, Bass says his philosophy of desire, strong will, and killer instinct "will take you across the finish line". Watching this show you'll see the man himself put those words into practice and it's his hope that when you turn off the the TV, you'll believe you can achieve your dreams too. One of the few dynamic reality shows out there, it's a classy piece of Hollywood glamour for the casual viewer and a how-to guide to success in entertainment, business, and life for everyone else.


About TPGPR:

TPGPR (also known as The Presstige Group Public Relations) TPGPR continually provides the highest quality PR services and always exceeds their clients’ expectations, even rising above the industry standard. As a bi-coastal firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles, TPGPR is quickly becoming the go-to source for exceptional PR services by the entertainment industry’s best. 

Spec Commercial for Tide To Go


High-class patrons eat and converse merrily. The front door blasts open, lights dim, spotlight shines on RAMONE, a serious artist. The room falls silent.


Ramone leaps atop a table. Classical music plays as Ramone dramatically throws food all over himself, staining his clothes. Customers watch, enthralled.


Ramone bounds from table to table, smearing himself with spaghetti sauce, wine, and chocolate syrup, spattering customers in the process. Overpowered by stains, Ramone faints!


The customers lean in to view him, gripped in suspense!


A flash of orange light emanates from the sunroof above. A BEAUTIFUL LADY in a flowing gown lowers via rope from the ceiling, holds aloft a glowing Tide To Go stain remover pen.


With broad strokes she swipes at Ramone, clearing the stains away.  He gains strength, sits up, looks down at his chest – he jumps to his feet!


Written into the stains on his shirt is “LOVE”.


Ramone and the lady kiss passionately. The customers cheer, throw roses.





Wherever "art" attacks, use Tide to Go.


Excerpt: Press Kit for the Film Restored Me

“Christian music” - what comes to mind upon hearing those two words? Probably gospel singers, choirs and old school hymns.


Millions of modern Christian music fans are redefining the term. “Christian music” in 2015 is not really a genre anymore, despite how it’s labeled on iTunes. It’s a collection of diverse genres united by the subject of Christianity, and it’s exploding in popularity.


Restored Me: The Motion Picture Soundtrack represents this revolution. Uplifting popular artists like Grammy-winning R & B diva Faith Evans, Sean "Diddy" Combs’ protege Fonzworth Bentley, and Chicago rap visionary Lupe Fiasco star on the same soundtrack as outspoken Christians like contemporary artist Jeremy Camp, gospel trailblazer Lady Tramaine Hawkins, and iTunes chart-topping rapper Andy Mineo. That unexpected jambalaya of genres and generations is the main ingredient in the Restored Me soundtrack, an eclectic musical exploration through faith, grooves, and inspiration with a song for every station. 


Hear a diverse range of musicians, from soulful Grammy Hall of Fame legend Nina Simone to viral YouTube sensations like D-Pryde, London-based R & B crooner Daniel de Bourg, Grammy-winning Christian hip-hop ambassador Lecrae, crowd-pleasers Group 1 Crew, and Billboard hip-hop phenom Social Club. This soundtrack is the must-have mix that legions of fans are waiting for, and the definitive all-encompassing collection of today’s popular inspirational music.


Spec Commercial for Empire Carpet


A CUSTOMER feels a carpet sample. An EMPLOYEE approaches.












An elderly FARMER sits on a huge roll of carpet and talks to the CAMERA.



The farmer tosses seeds to the dirt.


The farmer walks further, passing some small throw rugs in the dirt. He smiles with a tear in his eye.


The farmer and his hound dog mount a giant tractor-sized vacuum cleaner.

The giant vacuum cleaner rides off toward the horizon along an expansive, never-ending field of carpet.


Welcome to Empire Carpet! Any questions?


Yeah! Where the heck does carpet come from?


I plant the seeds and marvel at the sight of a fresh sprout.​


Then, with Rufus by my side, I tend to the field.


Quality and quantity. Empire Carpet’s got your world covered.


My Pop raised us on this land. Now the Empire Carpet farm grows acres of flooring for families worldwide.


Article for Daniel Magazine – July 2014 Issue

Trevor Prom 2014

By Jon Knitter


On any Saturday night, there are countless parties in LA. If you frequent these gatherings often, you tend to see many of the same folks week to week, just on different nights wearing different outfits. And they’re never talking about much beyond business - rarely are there parties with a truly worthwhile purpose.  Organized by The Trevor Project’s NextGen LA, The Trevor Prom on May 31 promoted not an album nor a film, but the simple idea that life is always worth living. Stars like Kelly Osbourne and Rumer Willis came out in support of LGBT youth at risk of suicide, and for one inspiring evening, the rooftop of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Beverly Hills became a beacon of hope for anyone feeling like an outcast. For one brief moment in the phoniest town on the planet, the elite gathered to support a cause deeply personal to all in attendance.


With the proceeds from the evening going to The Trevor Project, several hundred people enjoyed an evening of entertainment and enlightenment. The scene thrived with performances from stars including Shangela of RuPaul’s Drag Race dancing to a medley of pop hits. Soulful musician Eli Lieb performed acoustic renditions of George Michael’s Faith as well as his own songs including Young Love. Rumer Willis and the cast of LA’s hottest theater ticket For the Record were on hand commanding the crowd with their eclectic setlist. And hosts Jessica and Hunter of YouTube fame kept things light and bubbly with their signature style of humor. Present in all performances was a sense of pure heart and passion for the cause, palpable in every note. Guests enjoyed a night of fun, prizes, and saving lives through an organization hailed by the White House as a “Champion of Change”.


The Trevor Project originates from filmmakers Randy Stone, James Lescesne, and Peggy Rajski’s Oscar-winning 1994 short Trevor, the story of a gay 13-year-old shunned by his peers over his sexuality who attempts suicide. Four years later their film aired on HBO to critical and commercial acclaim, and their success with the movie inspired them to build a national, 24-hour suicide prevention resource in real life for LGBT kids. It was a revolution - the very first program of its kind – and today it can be considered nothing but a resounding success.


A program designed specifically for the challenges facing LGBT youth is absolutely necessary as the facts are simply harrowing: according to the Center for Disease Control, lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual children. At the same time, only 60% of kids who require mental health care services actually receive them. With as little as a phone call, The Trevor Project helps over 100,000 kids annually to steer through the struggle of embracing their identities and coming to love themselves exactly as they are without hesitation.


The party came together in that very same spirit of love and self-empowerment. Representatives of the Trevor project kicked the evening off by taking to the stage and sincerely thanking the generous crowd for their support.  Although the project has a White House stamp of approval, the representatives stated it remains a grassroots effort, saying “It’s worth noting that Trevor isn’t funded by big government contracts or anything like that. Everything is funded by individuals like you, buying tickets tonight and coming to this event.”


On this cool summer night under the stars, Beverly Hills provided a perfect backdrop for the organization. The Trevor Project, born from a film, seems the kind of cause where Hollywood can truly make a difference. The tastemakers and influencers of this town have the power and responsibility to create an entertainment landscape that, through simply showing LGBT individuals living normal, healthy lives, subtly assuages those who feel alone and lack support from friends and family. It tells that kid way out in some less progressive town that shuns him, mocks him, tells him in ways quiet and loud he’s not wanted, that he belongs in this world. 


In this changing landscape where marriage equality is on the rise and seemingly each new month marks another constitutional ban struck down, and especially for those living in the comfort of a big progressive city such as LA, it’s become increasingly easy to forget there are stone-age pockets of the country where the dialogue of acceptance isn’t even in its embryonic stage. Such places seem to be where events like The Trevor Project Prom might have the best possible impact. Thousands of miles away, far from the lights and the glamour and the free booze, a young child lost in confusion with a secret she’s ashamed of and nobody on her side might see a photo of Kelly Osbourne supporting something called The Trevor Project and know she’s got a number to call.


Several organizations came together to make this important evening a reality. The city showed its support as the LA County Department of Public Health provided education and continued its new free condom campaign. “As men of color and minorities, you have to be on the lookout,” says Ariel Garcia, Event Coordinator for the campaign, noting higher rates of STDs. The program provides 10 free condoms by mail to anyone living in LA county and makes them available at locations throughout the city. Other sponsors included Freeway Insurance, Absolut Vodka, and Miller. One could only hope a person contemplating suicide might see such companies and the government offering their support as a sign of just how much the world is changing for the better - and just how much they truly belong in it. 


The Trevor Project representatives hosting the prom remained hopeful for the future, yet grounded in the present, where still too many young kids are afraid and without the support they need. “Although many communities are becoming more accepting and celebratory of who these kids are,” they said, “there is still a lot of work to do to spread the acceptance and love all over the world to help these kids survive and make it one more day toward their proms.” And so the evening, for all the fun it was, kept a somber undertone. Somewhere that night as we partied in LA with all our best intentions to raise money, odds were another kid was becoming another statistic.


From its inception, this party couldn’t be just another showbiz gala or an excuse for celebrities to feel good about themselves by championing the cause of the week. Though people still drank too much, though they exchanged business cards as usual, and it was a Hollywood party on the surface…it meant more. You could see memories of painful times in the eyes of many throughout the crowd, memories that couldn’t be subdued by the blaring music or the decadence of the occasion. Yet, at the same time, so many were smiling and laughing - certainly in part because these partygoers know the lifeline they once wished for long ago now exists.


To see how you can help save lives, get involved with The Trevor Project at And if you or a loved one need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call the Trevor Lifeline at 866-488-7386.


Sketch for TV Pilot Children's Variety Show


MOM prepares a brown bag lunch for HARRIET (7), who’s got her backpack on, ready for school. As Mom makes the sandwich…




Mom puts the knife to the crust, ready to cut–






Mom and Harriet turn to see the ghost of a medieval British royal, VISCOUNT HENRY ALLEN VON CRUSTENMEYER.






























Can you cut the crust off?




Cease woman! Waste not yet another precious crust!


Who are you?




You smug little twit!


Na-na. Go on.


Hey! Don’t – Well that’s one lucky dog getting to eat that delicious, nutritious crust! Ow! Ow! Whoa!


I don’t care. We already have a ghost here.


In the trash you go!


A nobody, it seems. Oh, everyone knows my peer John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich, 18th-century aristocrat and inventor of the food which bears his name. Searching for something he could eat with one hand while playing his precious card games. But it seems history has thrown me out like the food which bears my name. Yes it is I, Viscount Henry Allen von Crustenmeyer – inventor of the crust!

Sitting at the table playing solitaire and eating a sandwich is none other than the EARL OF SANDWICH. He smiles like a brat.

The Earl of Sandwich peels off his crust and tosses it to the dog. Mom and Harriet shove the Viscount outside.

They throw him out the door. CRASH!




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